30 January 2013

You know those moments when...

You know those days when you find yourself in the middle of a situation and can't quite figure out how you got there? Well today - as I stood in the road in the middle of town  pushing my moto with my pants around my knees... I had to rethink how in the world I ended up living those few moments!!

This afternoon started off with a call at 1:30p letting me know volleyball was starting back up at 4:30p today! Yay! (After a 4 week break.) I don't know why I would have expected more notice, but no problem, I could be there. Well it was soon 3:40p and I had a few errands to run on the way - so I changed and grabbed my gear to head out the door. 
This is where I went wrong. I didn't know this is where I went wrong, however, until I found myself in the above few moments....ahem.... 

While I wear long basketball shorts to actually play volleyball, I always wear pants over them to get to and from the court. Those like big african pagne pants. Comfy. So in my big rush, I grab an old pair of pants off my shelf and throw them on. Somehow I missed a minor detail....

I arrive at volleyball and greet the couple girls that were there already. They point out that gas is running out of my bike.. of course it is. Well, as usual, it is a carborateur(sp) problem. After dousing myself in a fair amount of gas trying to tie up the cord it was leaking from, we played volleyball for a little. There were just a few of us, but it was fun and great to see them again! 

Once they decided to turn it into soccer, I decide to take off to see if I can get my bike fixed on my way to Bible Study (see previous blog post). This is where my evening went downhill.. or rather umm uphill? 

Right in front of the Palais du Congrés (for you Niamey folk) my bike died. Like completely. No amount of coaxing, prodding, flooding could help it. So close, but so far away. The policeman at that corner are waving, saluting, and laughing... at this silly white girl and her (way heavier than I thought) moto. I figure the study isn't too far away... right? Wrong. So I begin pushing the moto up the hill. PS. - that hill is steeper than I remember it being...

Then it begins. Those few moments that seemed like so much longer...There I am pushing my moto - can hardly feel my arms, and I realize I am stepping on something. Well as I look down to see if it is some rocks or what I am stepping on... I realize that my pants are around my knees. WHAT?! With my basketball shorts on somehow I had not noticed... So I quickly stand up my bike in order to pull up my pants, but at the same time knock my helmet to the ground... and break the visor. (More annoying than a problem, its to scratched to use anyway ;) 

Apparently the elastic had gone bad (not surprising in this heat) since the last time I wore the pants. ie - NO elastic. Not sure how I hadn't noticed up to that point... I just started to laugh... what else could I do!? How many people I had talked to and greeted along the way up that hill I could not tell you. The laugh they and their friends had later I am sure was a good one :) So now what do I do? All I could think of.. Take the ponytail out of my hair and try to tie them up. Pretty successful actually. Well eventually after pushing for about half an hour, I pass another group of men sitting on their moto's who shout "Courage!" I of course reply "Merci!" I kept pushing but then turned around to realize it was a little mechanic set up! So I turn around and they laugh, I was like hey - I almost kept walking!! They laughed and said they would have offered help if I hadn't noticed soon :) 

Well after a lesson on how to fix this problem the next time, the kind men sent me on my way. Riding my moto :) 

After Bible Study, the day ended with brochettes, fries, apple pie, and ice cream with an awesome couple :)  No day ever turns out like you think it will. Ever. But everyday has its laughter and its blessings. Amidst some of the tensions here, with what is going on politically around us, it is good to laugh. Laughter is to me the grace of God. 

So thankful for His amazing protection, provision, and love. 

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." - Robert Frost

"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion, I myself, prefer to laugh since there is less cleaning to do afterward." - Kurt Vonnegut


Beth said...

Way to flash the people, Beki! Awesome! Glad you found someone to help.

Anonymous said...

Blessings and love to you!