11 August 2012

Praying for a miracle - Yumanli

There is a Pastor in a nearby village who has been working closely with Joy for many years to start a clinic in his village. Their family is incredible and I am so blessed as I get to know them! 

But I am writing this post because we and their family covet your prayers. Their daughter Yumanli needs a miracle - today. You may not have time to read her full story, but know that this young girl may needs a miracle in order to continue in this life. Please pray!

Pastor mentioned to his son David that he feels this was a spiritual attack.  We also feel that this was a spiritual attack against Pastor and his family because of the witness of their clinic, the miracles Jesus has been giving people and the many Fulani who are interested in the gospel and the ones who have already accepted Christ as their Savior.  Please pray that we will not be deterred, that we will be bold and continue to proclaim JESUS! 

A couple nights ago, Yumanli, 16 yrs old, woke up at 2 a.m. screaming because she was on fire.  She was sleeping with her 3 sisters in in the same room and sleeping beside one of the sisters.  Pastor ran into the hut to see what was happening to the girls and found that only Yumanli was on fire...her skin was on fire...not her clothing and not the mattress.  He rushed the other 3 daughters outside and began to beat Yumanli's body to put out the flames.  Then he carried her outside, her body from the chest up was totally burned and she was in agony.  He ran in to see what had caused the fire, but could find nothing to explain it!  When he realized how badly injured his daughter was, he hurridly carried her to the clinic in Makalondi.  His wife and daughters stayed behind, scared and not knowing if they would see her again.  In Makalondi, the nurse sent them on to Niamey to the national hospital. 

During the first two days there the medical staff at the hospital had done nothing for his sister except to run IV's and they had used up all their money - 200,000 cfa in those two days ($400).  Now they had nothing left and David said that his father had sold two of his biggest sheep to get the money. 

This is what Joy wrote when she went to see them, "She was swollen beyond belief and her breathing was very labored, even with an oxygen mask on.  She was unconscious but I leaned over and said, "Yumanli, Palamanga is here now and my husband too.  Our hearts are soured for you and we are praying for you.  We are here."  I was praying that somewhere in there she could hear me...especially because her father told me that she had been asking for me.  That broke my heart!  While we were in the room and Pastor was showing me her burns, two interns came in and told the nurse on watch that they needed to take the oxygen off of her and take it to another patient, "because this one will be dead by tomorrow morning"!!  I couldn't believe they said that right in front of Pastor and David.  David and I were shocked, but thankful that the nurse refused to allow them to take it.  We were asked to step outside into the hall.  We didn't know what more we could do.  We were praying silently and asking the Lord to intervene.  The doctors continued to ignore us."

"Just as we were thinking we had no hope there, a Doctor came toward us that David recognized.  He stepped forward and greeted him and the Dr. warmly greeted David and asked him what we were all there for.  David explained his sister's condition and begged him to please get her to the burn unit.  He immediately went in and saw her and when he came out, he told us that he was just coming on duty and he would "push" the team to get them moving.  David introduced us to the Dr. and I told him that David and Yumanli were like my children and that their father was my co-worker, the hardest working Health worker in the western bush, on call 24 hrs. every day, caring for everyone!  I told him that this was breaking my heart.  He was kind and told me, "Oh, don't let your heart fall.  You need to be calm and pray."  I told him I could do that! Then he left to get busy.  David then told us that this was the ONLY Christian Doctor that he has met working at the hospital, and that he was the doctor that supervised his first rotation as an intern!  We saw right then that God had sent this man to us!"

Please keep praying for more miracles!!

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